Back to Our Roots -Tour for STARS!  - Professional Musicians on tour in support of STARS Air Ambulance
About Tour for STARS

Welcome to my web-page! My name is Lorri Matthewson. I started Tour for STARS because I believe if we all did what we could to make the world a better place, couldn't help but be a better place could it?

So, with the help of my sponsors, family and friends I'd like to present to you the 2014 Tour for STARS Air Ambulance. My dream is  to create a sustainable way of raising funds to support this worthwhile cause.  They have certainly proven they could help any one of us.  

Living as we do in the more rural areas of the province, some of us live far away from emergency medical care. Some of us have our loved ones working high hazard jobs, some of us have children. ALL of us could need STARS Air Ambulance at some time or another, and we want to help make certain they are there should we need them.

This year we have three professional musicians playing their hearts out all over Saskatchewan! Right now we are in the process of setting up these shows! Our schedule is:

October 7th,   Carlyle
October 8th,   Moosomin
October 9th,   Melville
October 10th, Wynyard
October 11th, Melfort
October 12th, Humboldt
October 13th, Watrous
October 14th, Gravelbourg

How can you help you ask? (At least I hope you are asking yourself that...)

You could buy a ticket, a tee shirt, or a hoody. You could make a donation to the Tour itself, or to STARS directly. You could get in touch with everyone you know in the area and share the information. I'm open to suggestions!

When you buy a ticket, a tee shirt or hoody or make a donation to the show, you are supporting the tour.  I pay our talent as I would any tour expense, because as a musician myself, I understand that to ask ANY business for a week's worth of revenue to donate to the show is asking too much. The talent is paid a flat rate per show, and I won't deal with riders.

Each concert costs $3000.00 per show to put on by the time you figure in a modest day rate, food, gas, and hotels.  100% of anything raised after that goes 100% to STARS Air Ambulance. I apply for grants, but cannot count on them. So donations to offset the tour are welcome; any shortfalls come out of my pocket.

Any donations made to directly for the use of STARS Air Ambulance go 100% to STARS who can issue you a charitable tax receipt.

Click below to donate.

When we went on tour last year we found out that many people believe that STARS is totally funded by tax payers. This is simply untrue. STARS relies on fundraisers and donations. Please support us. You can do so by donating any amount large or small, coming to see a show, donating directly to STARS

You can buy tickets to any show by clicking here:

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